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25 ott 2007

Us impensaiso chê di Bill Clinton ch'al diseve cun le man sul cûr indignât: -No ai mai fat sès cun chê femine.
Daspó, o savin ch'al contave balis e savintlu, francamenti chê di Strassoldo a nus somee juste un scherzo di asilo nido, daspó, so pensin ae considerazion dal pape viers Pinochet a nus somee ch'o vin dut dismenteât.
Invesit no. Chê dal 11/09, a nus reste tal cjâf. Ce in d'îsal di vêr e ce ind'îsal di monadis? Ben, justamenti, Sul blog di Kevin http://bartoy.blogspot.com/ , un merecan cun vons furlans, le cjacarade a ere lade sul 11/9. Cul gno inglês facil come il gno gjave strops furlan, vé achi ce ch'o i ai dite:

Hmm, What serious questions to laugh. I'm sure that some jokes on the same subject would be nice to cry too. Lets have a look:
Giuliani sounds to me like my uncle. Not really an uncle Sam from America, just a parent who comes from the same region: Carnia in Friuli.
Some friulians are still called giuliani or "zulians" in the local language because the real name of the region is Friuli Venezia Giulia.
There is a mountain named La Creta forada ( the bored ridge ) which has a round hole near the top. Let say that one side of the mountain there are Zulianis and on the other one there are Giulianis.
I mean that they are similar with a little difference:-)
Since many centuries both of them they are looking at the same hole on the ridge but in one valley they believe in one legend and in the other one they believe in another story.
It's funny to find comparaisons like that but lets go on. In one valley (Val Pesarina) they are speaking with a tipical accent where they always use to finish the ends of the words with an A. For example they say Aga, Biela (Water, beautiful) while in the other valey (Rigolato) they finish all the words with an O and say Ago, Bielo...
How can they believe in the same things? Impossible.
That's the reason why they don't believe in the same holes. Like me. Who did it? How happened? How?
I'm coming from the Pesarina valley:-)
There is plenty of other valleys in Friuli where people can't trust each others and use to finish their words with others vowels like i or E and so the diffences can be: Cjasis and Cjases istead of Cjasas or Cjasos (Houses).
What is funny, is that this differences start sometimes from one family to another in the same village or on the other side of the street. That's probably one of the reasons why, there are more friulians around the world than in Friuli:-)
Sicily, where they use to put a U instead of a O. It's like in Sardinia but dont say that to them, they can be offended:-)
And you, what kind of accent do you have?:-)
Romans and nopolitans use to put a B instead of a P and a G instead of a C and this, even when they speak another language. Russians they use to put an A instead of an O and a G instead of an H. That's the reason why in the Volga valley which are normal for us, for russians they are different and Stalin, a Georgian, persecuted them.
Hallo, the palice? Dont' say police over there. You can be put in jail before they answer:-)
And if the reason why spanish speakers has troubles in south America would be just because they can't put a V like in Victory instead of putting a damn B like they do everytime?:-)
So, what? For or against Giuliani?
I never have had sexual relations with that woman, said Bill Clinton very serious to the judge. We are still laughin about his indignation but it was looking like a small lie. One of those lies that we, one day or another, can do too, whatever the accent we could have when we lie:-)
- But, what there is behind the twin towers?
Please apologize my accent:-)

No sai ma o ai l'impression ch'o vês capît dut. Come me:-)
Il Clinton cul sax a é une sculture animade ch'o ai fat par un museo. Nissun fin cumó mi a ordenât Bush:-)

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adrenalid ha detto...

beh complimens par la sculture eh!!!
...il discors lu ai capit...o amancul i croot!!!
eh eh a riviodisi
mandi mandi

ILfurlanist ha detto...

E une statue di strassolt te ano domandade? Nancje chel? ;-)

Furlans de diaspore ha detto...

Chel al e' un Clinton di un dis agns indaur...

Viodistu 8 agns di presidence dai S.U. e trasformi un fantacin in un vecjut di corse.

Jaio ha detto...

Furlanist, Il Clinton al ere robotizât. Al sunave il sax, al moveve il cjâf e i vôi e i dêts e al bateve le misure cul pît. Cemût si podaressial fâ Strassolt, ch'al é daûr a straçâ bêz:-) ?
Furlan, infat, da cuant ch'al é lât jù, nissun nol ûl plui Clintos. I politics a si ju immortale dome cuant ch'a son popolârs o ben cuant ch'a son muarts. Par un pêl, o varès vût di fâ la Lewinsky ma se continue cussí, cuissà se no mi ordenin une Hilary:-)

Anonimo ha detto...

Sara dure, ma cirarai di tignì dur!
e salude chei di bruxell!:)

Renato ha detto...

Grazie della visita al mio blog lomellino e complimenti per il blog in furlàn che ho subito linkato.


Dree ha detto...

No olsi pensâ ce moviment fasarès la Lewinsky mecaniche...

Jaio ha detto...

Olse, olse:-)